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We welcome innovative target proposals from academic and other researchers anywhere in the world, in our key focus areas金沙登录网址

Our scientists will rapidly review proposals and consider whether we can assist in advancing your idea through to validation. If your concept proposal is selected, we will support you in developing your idea into a full proposal.


  • sharing of up to 250,000 compounds from our screening library
  • access to our high-throughput screening facilities
  • opportunity for you to screen for the exploration and validation of novel drug targets, and mechanisms of modulating known targets
  • potential for further collaboration to advance your target within our pipeline.

Sharing our compound libraries and cheminformatics to support the generation of quality lead series for important and novel drug targets is a key part of AstraZeneca’s effort to link industry and academia and helping to advance the discovery of potential new medicines in a broad range of disease areas for patients who desperately need them.

Mike Snowden SVP, Discovery Sciences, R&D, AstraZeneca



We can supply high quality diversity screening sets for you to perform hit identification. You can opt to screen an entire set or select a subset depending on the throughput of your assay technology.


  • Stratified library:  250,000 compounds representing the diversity of the entire AstraZeneca collection
  • Fragment library: 17,000 fragments with an average of 15 heavy atoms and an average cLogP of 1.3
  • Phenotypic collection: 13,000 annotated molecules suitable for phenotypic assay target screening and deconvolution, including compounds with affinity of less than 100 nM on about 1,200 human targets.

Post-screening opportunities金沙登录网址

If the computational chemistry analysis undertaken by AstraZeneca scientists identifies attractive chemical series from your screens, we will share these with you under the agreement. We would also encourage you to take these molecular structures into further target validation work or a ‘hit-to-lead’ chemical optimisation programme.

For phenotypic screening, powerful chem and bio-informatics methods can be applied for in silico target deconvolution to identify a preliminary target list that you could further validate through complementary experimental approaches.

Perform a high throughput screening with AstraZeneca金沙登录网址

It may also be possible for you to screen our full compound collection against your targets on our state-of-the-art screening equipment. Our screening collection contains over one million compounds that have been curated for compound quality and stratified for diversity. AstraZeneca is limited in how many full high throughput screening campaigns we can support each year.



Would I be able to retain Intellectual Property rights to my target?

If a collaboration is agreed, you will retain your IP rights on the target or approach. However, AstraZeneca would expect first right of negotiation to in-license the lead series derived from projects in which our compound libraries are screened.